Potentially Trying to Rekindle a Romance with Someone Who is Currently 11 Hours Away


As cliche as it sounds, no, you are not about to read an excerpt form the latest Nicholas Spark’s novel. I met a boy four years ago in high school, let’s just call him Wings for now. Wings and I for whatever reason had an instant connection, loved talking to one another and were both considerably happier when our time could be spent together. Sounds really cutesy so far, right?

Well, being both people coming from not very communicative families, happening sooner or later, we had a miscommunication. We were both under the impression that the other person did not feel as strongly as the other did. How tragic.

Fast forward: Three Years

It’s the end of our senior year of high school and we start our free form modern way of dating. Meaning, occasionally kissing, hanging out, driving around, eating pizza, and texting. Texting, texting,texting. Did I mention that Wings enlisted in the U.S Air Force? So he was preparing for that and what not and then he broke it off with me and kind of disappeared because he wanted to start over in the academy. Makes sense. Let it be known, like any teenage girl, I was rather put off.

Fast Forward Again: 6 months

He messages me on Facebook saying that he would like me to have be by his side again… Or at least that’s what I think he meant.

See what he actually said was: (when explaining what had happened in the past and the new somewhat unexpected change of heart that had occurred) “…I’d already prepared to leave my life in the dust and start a new one. Which is why its so important that I want to have you here now, and not in the past where nothing mattered to me…

So there’s that.

I haven’t heard from him in two days and I miss him terribly and everything sucks.