Goodness, me oh my!


Hello! My last post was sometime in February oh my what a long time ago!


I have transferred to another school!

No longer an acting major!

Wings and I are completely finished!

I have a new job at Savers!

I have discovered Game of Thrones!

Things are going quite well, I must say.

Currently I am trying to be the best version of myself I can be and just hope for the best right now.


Breaking News


Rather than doing homework, I decided to blog. I’m back at school, I have a new roommate who doesn’t really like talking to me which is unfortunate seeing as I, like a friendly dog, need constant stimulation. 

I’m enjoying my classes so far. I’m in the dance show and I have a job as a body mic technician for the show Avenue Q, which as I believe I said before, is being done at my school. 

An update from my last post: Apparently, Wings does not want a relationship, although it obviously makes me sad, I expected this. He is gone for most of the year anyway. We’ve remained in contact the last week and I still miss him very much, but tough, as they say. 

I went to a fantastic party last night, I danced, met a lot of nice people, and looked really damn good if I do say so myself. Things are going well for the most part and I hope they continue.