As I sit here with my hand in a bag of chocolate morsels, watching SVU, and bleeding from my nether regions, I’ve realized that I am not carpe-dieming and that makes me sad and only because i’ve recently changed my outlook on life so that I take every moment for what its worth. But maybe something can be taken away from this moment. I’m okay with this. I am taking some TLC time for me. I live in a household where it’s go, go, go all the time! No one ever just… sits down and watched TV. Pick up your sisters, do the laundry, errands, appointments, grovery shopping, etc. It’s all such an adrenaline rush and then I finally get to sit down and I feel like I should be doing something. I think everyone every single day for maybe like ten minutes should just sit down and do nothing. Even set a timer for yourself if you feel like you’re going to overindulge. I just feel so at ease. The future will come when it comes, and I will rise up to meet it.


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