Planning Ahead


Tomorrow I leave home to start my second semester of college and I could not be more excited! I’m like 98% sure I have an assistant stage manager job lined up for Avenue Q, I’m taking seven classes ,plus being in a dance show, and working two jobs. This blog is dedicated to all of this and my journey while trying to juggle it all. I decided to work two jobs because I really want to go to Ireland this summer with two friends for ten days and it’s a little more pricey than I expected it to be. I also got invited to some really interesting hippie festival in Vermont sometime in the middle of July! There’s just so much to look forward too! Two of my friends from home invited me to go to New Jersey to hangout on the shore in some cottage for a coupke of weeks. I can dig it. 

I have a tumblr: but I think I’m trying to get away fromt that and actually focus on my writing  and try to write more in general. I don’t know what my major is exactly, technically right now it’s Acting but i’m also dabbling in English and Marine Biology, but more about that later. Welcome to my blog! 


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